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What We Offer


Our range of skills and expertise does not stop with what is on this page.  We love a challenge!  So don't hesitate to contact us and organise an Engineer visit, to design and install an Industrial Heating, Commercial Gas or Plumbing installation unique to your premises.  Offering our experience and hard work ethic to achieve your targets and complete every job to a high standard.

Commercial Gas


  • Gas line design 
  • Testing and Purging
  • Installations
  • Certification
  • Insurance work

Industrial Space Heating


  • Design of heating systems for any space
  • Installation of unit heaters, plaque heaters, tube heaters, cabinet heaters
  • We offer breakdown service on any appliance you may have
  • Annual servicing 

Commercial Heating and Ventilation


  • LTHW
  • Commercial gas appliances
  • Chilled water
  • Air Handling Units
  • Heat Emitters and Pipework installations
  • Valves, components and actuators
  • Expansion and pressure vessels
  • Pipe and valve installation
  • Retrofit and new installations
  • F and E Tanks

Fan and Pump Motors


  • Supply and extract fans
  • Heating Pumps (VT, CT, Shunt, Primary)
  • DHW secondary pumps
  • Sump pumps
  • Cold water booster sets
  • Pressurisation Units

Commercial Plumbing


  • Unvented hot water
  • Calorifier maintenance
  • Thermostatic Mixing valve installation
  • Cold water storage tank maintenance
  • Pipe and valve installations
  • Retrofit and new installations
  • Vented hot water
  • Immersion heaters

Industrial Heating, Commercial Gas, Commercial Plumbing

We offer call outs on a one off basis, fixed installation costs for repairs and can tailor annual service packages for your needs.  So why not give us a phone and see how we can help your business.

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